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About Us



The Detailers at California Reflection are trained and certified professionals who have undergone hours of intense hands on training courses in the art of auto reconditioning. All of our detailers are friendly, knowledgeable individuals who are determined to ensure that your vehicle and your detailing experience will be treated unlike anything offered in the detailing industry to date.


Our goal at California Reflection is to educate consumers and deliver the most satisfying results while providing unparalleled customer service. California Reflection is committed to setting a new standard in an unregulated industry where professionalism and customer service is often overlooked. Because the detailing industry is unregulated, and anyone who wants to get involved may do so, many detailers today have not been properly trained or certified. Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, trust yours to the professionals at California Reflection. California Reflection owns and operates it's business as a certified, licensed and insured business.