ClearPlex is the world's first optically-clear protection film for vehicle windshields. Manufactured and distributed by Madico, it absorbs the impact of standard road hazards—significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, pitting, and bull’s-eyes—leaving the glass in pristine condition.

+ Optimized For Protection

ClearX HD is an advanced polymer treatment from Madico that is an essential part of the maintenance program for ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film. ClearX HD will maintain the scratch resistance and water repellency of ClearPlex on your windshield when it is used as directed. It also seals your ClearPlex film against bird droppings, bugs, oil, tar, grease, dirt, and grime.

+ Benefits

  • It is scratch-resistant like glass and stands up to everyday abrasions like windshield wipers.
  • Is nearly transparent, minimally reducing transmitted light.
  • Offers faster run-offs of rain and snow, resulting in better visibility.
  • Offers seamless integration with a vehicle's windshield.
  • Is an economical solution—preserves original windshield.
  • Protects vehicles' interiors and their occupants against 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Can help keep your windshield intact during an accident, providing increased protection to the occupants of your vehicle.